NFC-PCA-NTSC/0.48/7%/40/G-FU harmonic suppression intelligent capacitor low voltage distribution network reduces line loss

Short Description:

NTSC series intelligent capacitor module

environment condition

Poster height: 2500m

Working temperature: – 20 ℃~ + 45

Storage temperature: – 25 ℃~ + 60

Rated voltage: 0.4kV

Rated capacity: 80kvar three phase

20kvar single item

Protection grade: IP20

Executive standard: gb15576-2008

Weight: 54.16kg (30g)

Switching element: Thyristor

Protection function: over current / over temperature

Harmonics: with suppressed harmonics

Compensation mode: split phase compensation / three phase compensation

Product Detail

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NTSC series intelligent capacitor module uses thyristor switch as switching element, and integrates circuit breaker, switching switch, cylindrical capacitor, reactor and module into one, which is suitable for harmonic field. The control signal adopts RJ45 interface. The over-current protection function prevents the over-current risk caused by system resonance. The module supports cloud platform app application, module operation information (status, switching on) It can provide big data for unattended remote operation and maintenance.


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I. Safety Tips

1. the installation, wiring and commissioning of this equipment shall be carried out in accordance with the manner and steps specified in this manual, and attention shall be paid to the wiring diagram and terminal diagram label of the module.

2. the module shell is obviously damaged, do not continue to install and use, please contact the product supplier.

3. module installation must comply with all relevant safety operating procedures, must be through the correct wiring and wire size to ensure operational safety and operational reliability.

4. modules will produce high voltage harmful to personal safety. In the professional guidance in accordance with the instructions and safety specifications for the installation of the equipment, can be put into use!

II. Scope and characteristics of application

1. module is suitable for harmonic field.

2. module adopts fast switching technology, advanced technology, stable and reliable performance.

3. modular structure, flexible combination, convenient expansion, simple installation, easy maintenance.

4. module has LCD Chinese display and digital tube display two ways, simple operation, easy maintenance, conducive to field fault finding.

5. module has two switch modes: miniature circuit breaker and fuse.

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