JKWA-12B series intelligent reactive power automatic compensation controller

Short Description:


technical data

environment condition

Altitude: ≤ 2500

Working temperature: – 20 ℃~ + 60 ℃

Storage temperature: – 25 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃

Measurement mode: 3I + 3U / AC sampling

Working power supply: shared with measurement

Protection: over voltage, under voltage and harmonic

Control scheme: CO supplement

Control output mode: dynamic (b)

Number of control capacitor: 12 (b)

Human machine interface: LED

Communication: RS-485

Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5%

Forced circulation: None

Terminal block: screw fixation

Quadrant control: two quadrants

Weight: 0.58kg


Pulse column width (MS): 15

Peak voltage of pulse train: 2KV, 1kV

Pulse polarity: positive and negative

Application time (s): 30

Support background: no

Opening size: 113 × 113 mm

Application orientation: public power grid, JP cabinet

Number of control capacitor: 12 / 32 (A / b)

Product Detail

Product Tags

Jkwa series reactive power automatic compensation controller adopts LED large screen display, which is suitable for high and cold areas with large temperature difference. It can real-time display all electric parameters of power grid and capacitor switching status, 12 channels of dynamic reactive power compensation output, and communication port supports JP cabinet multi protocol, providing basic data for ubiquitous Internet of things.


Reactive Power Compensation Controller JKW58 is suitable for self adjust capacitor compensation device in low voltage distribution, increase the efficiency of the power transfromer, reduce line loss, and improve voltage quality, on finial aim it will increase the economic and social benefits.


Adopt AC sampling technology digital integration, filtration, not sensitive to the harmony wave regard the reactive power as controlling physical quantity, it has high control precision without input and cut off shaking.


The operation of the full digital of control parameter, easy to use put in right place in one step, and the data are not lost to have a powerfailure

Adopt and optimize the excellent control scheme automatically, reduce the times of input and cutoff, improve the service life of system strong anti interference ablibity can resist 2000V interference pulse from power direct and not crashing, does not lose the data, it is reliable to run steady.

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