JKWA1-16 Intelligent reactive power compensation of power factor controller 113*113

Short Description:

Environmental conditions of jkwa1-16

Altitude: ≤ 2500

Working temperature: – 20 ℃~ + 60 ℃

Storage temperature: – 25 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃

Measurement method: ii-2u / 3I + 3U / AC sampling

Working power supply: 220 VAC, 50 Hz

Protection: over voltage, under voltage and harmonic

Control scheme: CO supplement / CO supplement + sub supplement

Control output mode: network cable control

Number of control capacitor circuits: 16

Human machine interface: LCD

Communication: RJ45 network interface

Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5%

Forced circulation: None

Terminal block: screw fixation

Quadrant control: two quadrants

Weight: 0.56kg


Pulse column width (MS): 15

Peak voltage of pulse train: 2KV, 1kV

Pulse polarity: positive and negative

Application time (s): 30

Support background: no

Opening size: 113 × 113 mm

Application orientation: public power grid

Product Detail

Product Tags

Jkwa1-16 series reactive power automatic compensation controller adopts STN type full view LCD broken code LCD, friendly human interface, rubber keys, sensitive and reliable control, 16 channels of common compensation + sub compensation control, any combination, reactive power compensation control interface is RJ45 interface, convenient for 2T fast connection, no secondary line, anti misoperation.


After-sales service:

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