JKWD-12(A/B) Connect the composite switch Multiple control mode LCD Intelligent reactive power compensation controller

Short Description:

Jkwd series

environment condition

Altitude: ≤ 2500

Working temperature: – 20 ℃~ + 60 ℃

Storage temperature: – 25 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃

Measurement mode: 1I + 2U / AC sampling

Working power supply: 220 VAC, 50 Hz

Protection: over voltage, under voltage and harmonic

Control scheme: CO supplement

Control output mode: static (a) / dynamic (b)

Number of control capacitor circuits: 12 (A / b)

Human machine interface: LCD

Communication: RS-485

Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5%

Forced circulation: Yes

Terminal block: plug in type

Quadrant control: two quadrants / four quadrants

Weight: A: 0.78kg B: 0.72kg


Pulse column width (MS): 15

Peak voltage of pulse train: 2KV, 1kV

Pulse polarity: positive and negative

Application time (s): 30

Support background: no

Opening size: 113 × 113 mm / 138 × 138mm

Application orientation: industrial customers

Product Detail

Product Tags

Jkwd series reactive power automatic compensation controller adopts STN type full view LCD broken code (Chinese / English) LCD display, 12 channel reactive power compensation (A / b) control output, fuzzy control theory, the classic starts from the original, advanced control theory, improves the utilization efficiency and life of controlled devices. Small and exquisite streamline appearance and full plug-in terminal design provide users with quick installation and debugging.


Jkwd series reactive power automatic compensation controller is suitable for automatic adjustment of capacitor compensation

device in low-voltage distribution system (controller for short). It enables power factor to reach user preset state, improves

utilization efficiency of power transformer, reduces line loss and improves power supply quality, thus improving economic benefit

and social benefit.


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