N8 – 20 + 20 Low Voltage reactive power integrated intelligent power capacitor Reactive compensation capacitor

Short Description:

N8 series intelligent capacitor

environment condition

Poster height: ≤ 2500m

Working temperature: – 20 ℃~ + 45 ℃

Storage temperature: – 25 ℃~ + 60 ℃

Rated voltage: 0.4kV

Rated capacity: ≤ 40kvar three phase

≤ 10kvar single item

Protection grade: IP20

Executive standard: gb15576-2008

Weight: about 4.88kg (20 + 20kvar)

Switching element: synchronous switch

Protection function: overvoltage / overtemperature / harmonic overrun

Harmonics: non suppressed harmonics

Compensation mode: split phase compensation / three phase compensation / mixed compensation

Product Detail

Product Tags

N8 series intelligent capacitor module uses synchronous switch as switching element, which integrates switching switch, cylindrical capacitor and module into one, which is suitable for harmonic field. The control signal adopts RJ45 interface. The module supports cloud platform app application, module operation information (status, switching times, operation time, temperature, etc.); it provides big data for unattended remote operation and maintenance.


1. Safety tips


The equipment shall be installed, wired and tested in accordance with the methods and steps specified in this manual. Meanwhile, attention shall be paid to the wiring diagram and terminal diagram label of the intelligent capacitor.

If there is obvious damage to the smart capacitor shell, please do not continue to install and use.

Intelligent capacitors must be installed in accordance with all relevant safe operation procedures and must be fitted with correct wiring and wire dimensions to ensure safe operation and reliable operation.

All intelligent capacitors will produce high voltage which will endanger personal safety. Please be careful in operation and strictly observe the safe operation rules of electricity.

The equipment can only be put into use after it is installed according to the instructions and safety specifications under the guidance of professional personnel!


2. Application scope and characteristics

N8 series intelligent capacitors are suitable for the field where the total voltage harmonic distortion rate is not more than 5%.

N8 adopts synchronous switching technology with advanced technology and stable and reliable performance.

N8 modular structure, flexible combination, easy capacity expansion, simple installation, easy maintenance.

N8 LIQUID crystal Chinese display, easy to operate, easy to maintain, easy to find on-site fault.

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