Nfc-tc-s / D Over current protection function of capacitor fast switching switch

Short Description:

TC series capacitor fast switching switch

environment condition

Poster height: ≤ 2500m

Working temperature: – 20 ℃~ + 55 ℃

Storage temperature: – 25 ℃~ + 60 ℃

Working power supply: 380V (inside phase L1 and L3)

Rated working voltage: 0.4kV system

Control voltage: DC12V 10mA

Power consumption: ≤ 12va

Response time: ≤ 40ms

Control capacity: ≤ 60KVAR three-phase 480v withstand voltage

≤ 20kvar single 250V withstand voltage

Current protection: 0 ~ 99A adjustable

Temperature protection: start at 45 ℃ and protect at 65 ℃

Contact pressure drop: ≤ 0.7V

Contact withstand voltage: ≥ 2000V AC

Communication control interface: None

Address setting: None

Support cloud platform: no

In and out mode: left in and right out

Installation: screws

Weight: about 3.9kg

Overall dimension: 160 × 181 × 170mm

Product Detail

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TC series capacitor fast switching switch is suitable for 0.4kV system power reactive power compensation. It adopts SCR module as switching device, pulse transformer trigger, advanced high-speed single-chip microcomputer measurement algorithm to ensure that the current is disconnected at zero crossing point, no switching inrush current is generated, and response time is less than 20ms, It can effectively compensate the impact load, built-in temperature protector and temperature control algorithm, so that the fan can be used reasonably and safely; the application of over-current protection can prevent the over-current risk caused by system resonance and other reasons.


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